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That's insane. Thankfully, badges are finally coming in Android O. The massive clutter of notification icons along the top? Not a better solution, in my opinion, though I suppose I'll get used to it. Another annoyance: In iOS, you can tap the top of the screen in most apps to immediately scroll back to the top, but Android lacks that convenience.

On the other hand, I have so wished for a swipe keyboard that also affords immediate access to the microphone.

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It's ridiculous that iOS doesn't allow that, but Android, of course, does. Similarly, I love that my password manager Dashlane can integrate directly with apps, which makes it infinitely easier to sign into all the services I use regularly. Bottom line: Any iPhone who user who switches to Android is likely to experience a mix of frustration and happiness -- probably more of the former, at least at first, because it's a difficult transition. But, again, this is about the hardware, so I'm spending the rest of my time focused on that.

Apple constantly crows about its high-resolution Retina displays. That's understandable: The screen is arguably the most important component in any phone, so you want something sharp and bright. On the iPhone 6S Plus, that's a 1,x1,pixel resolution on a 5. Screen quality is subjective, but I find my eye drawn to the image on the right. That's the Nokia 6. Both phones were set to a brightness level of 75 percent. The Nokia 6?

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Same: 5. That's pretty surprising given the huge discrepancy in price, and I actually thought certain colors appeared more vibrant on the Nokia. You'd think the latter would be vastly superior.

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  • Furthermore, I was duly impressed at how good the Nokia's screen looked in direct sunlight -- something I didn't expect at this price point. Side-by-side with my iPhone, it was just as readable. Bottom line: Phone displays have gotten really good, even the "cheap" ones. I expected the Nokia's screen to be inferior somehow, but to my eyes it was easily as good as the iPhone's. If there's a reason to spend more on screen alone, I haven't found it. A slow phone is a frustrating phone.

    #ShotOnNokia – Nokia Blue photo challange

    I rarely had performance complaints with the iPhone 6S Plus, which incorporates Apple's ostensibly super-advanced A9 chip. The Nokia uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon , by all accounts a slower processor. I honestly didn't think this would be a big deal; who cares if the Facebook app loads a half-second slower? Indeed, here's how I gauge speed: Do web pages load quickly and scroll smoothly in the browser? Do videos play without any kind of stuttering? How long does it take for the camera app to start up?

    After three days with the Nokia, I have mixed feelings about its performance. Web pages loaded quickly and scrolled smoothly, and video playback was always fine. But it definitely feels a bit slower than the iPhone, and at times there was behavior I'd describe as "laggy.

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    My iPhone's camera is at the ready much more quickly. Bottom line: An inexpensive phone will have a lower-end processor, and if you're used to something faster, this may prove frustrating at times. But how quick does a phone really need to be? Security camera One of the ways in which you can use an old phone is by setting it up as a security camera or a baby monitor.

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    This is how you set it up: Android A quick search on Google Play throws up several webcam applications. To set up a security camera on Android, follow these steps. Connect your computer and the phone to the same Wi-Fi network. Close all other camera apps. Force close them from the app switcher before you proceed. Launch the IP Webcam app. Scroll to the bottom and tap Start server. Enter this URL in any browser on your computer and hit Enter. Below that, you'll see Audio renderer. Select HTML wav. This is how: 1. Make sure your phone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network.

    Start EpocCam on your iPhone and your computer. Video calls You can also use your phone as a webcam to make video calls from a computer.

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    • This is how: Android Here's how to set up your Android smartphone as a webcam. Open the Android app and note down the Wifi IP listed on the main screen. Open the Windows client and paste the IP on the computer. Click Start. Now you can use your Android phone as the webcam. Install and run EpocCam on your computer and iPhone, as mentioned earlier.

      Open Skype and select EpocCam as the webcam explained below. Changing the default camera on Skype After you've gotten your phone to work as a webcam using DroidCam or EpocCam , you need to change the settings in Skype before you can use your phone as a webcam. This is what you need to do: 1. Click Video settings under the General tab. Click Save. If you use any other app to turn your phone into a webcam, let us know via the comments. For more tutorials, visit the How To section. Realme C3 A. Tech News in Hindi.

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      Latest Videos. More Videos. Motorola MicroTAC — some firsts in size and design Nokia Communicator — the first mobile to make a reality of the mobile office Siemens S10 — the first mobile phone with a full colour screen Nokia — the first effort WAP at taking the Internet onto a mobile Kyocera VP — the first mobile offering video telephony Nokia — Introducing style into the design of mobiles Motorola L Timeport -Bridging the Atlantic for travelers Ericsson R — The mobile that blazed the trail for the SmartPhone Blackberry Internet edition — the mobile that made a reality of push e-mail Sharp J-SH04 — first to discover the consumer love affair with the camera phone Motorola Razr V3 — Setting a trend for thinness Vertu Ascent — Turning the mobile phone into a luxury item for the super-rich Samsung MM-A — Turning speech into text on the mobile phone Neonode N1 — First mobile with a finger swipe to unlock Apple i-phone — igniting the smartphone and mobile data revolution Nokia Pureview — A 41MP camera to advance camera phone picture quality Sony Xperia Z5 Premium — the first smartphone with a 4k display Dr Martin Cooper from the systems division of Motorola is widely acknowledged as the person who took the mobile phone out of the car and into the hand.

      The proto-type was made in , weighed nearly 1 kg and in a race to beat Bell Labs the proto-type is said to have taken 3 months to build. Dr Martin Cooper poses with a proto-type mobile phone. It probably added very little in terms of technical advances as portable mobile radio was already well developed for military and emergency services use.

      Its significance was to demonstrate the commercial potential of cellular radio outside of the car. It is not clear how many of these lab proto-types were every made or even exist today but hopefully a museum somewhere in the world has acquired one for posterity. Back to the Top 2. It was quite some time later that Motorola went on to commercialise the mobile portable telephone. The design team included Cooper and designer Rudy Krolopp.

      Inside were 30 circuit boards. Motorola brought to market the first viable hand portable mobile phone, the Dynatac X. Further refinements took place to the phone and imitators arrived in the market shortly afterwards, including the Mobera Cityman. Back to the Top 3. Technophone was a company set up in by Nils Martensson, a Swedish radio engineer who left Ericsson to set up on his own in The Technophone PC turned the mobile from a hand portable to a pocket phone.

      The first mobile phone to fit into a pocket…notwithstanding the antenna. The technical challenges were enormous and during the development phase Nils incentivise his development engineers to reduce the power drain with a cash bonus for every mille-amp of current reduction they managed to achieve. Bit by bit the technical issues were resolved and the first phone, the PCT, was sold through Excell Communications as the Excell M1 an example is displayed in the new Information Age Gallery at the Science Museum in London and then the M2 came along and sold in larger numbers.

      The Technophone PCT was an extremely influential phone in the history of mobile radio for three reasons:. In that year it was bought by Nokia… positioning Nokia as the Number 2 mobile supplier in the world after Motorola…and well positioned for greater things.