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In good lighting conditions, the Redmi Note 8 Pro produces good results. You always have to keep the price of the smartphone in mind. In this respect, the Redmi Note 8 shoots really good pictures. There are minor problems with high-contrast scenes, where the Redmi Note 8 Pro then emphasizes the bright areas a bit too much so that details can no longer be recognized. Of course, I showed the Redmi Note 8 Pro and the pictures I took to our photo and video expert Stefan and these are his professional impressions:. Under good lighting conditions, Samsung's Isocell GW1 sensor in the Redmi Note 8 Pro delivers pin-sharp photos with plenty of room for cropping.

Compared to other smartphones, the HDR mode is quite cautious. This provides for natural-looking pictures, but also for overexposed and underexposed picture areas.

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With the default settings, the colors are strongly saturated, but there are also more restrained color profiles in the camera. The white balance does a good job, only skin tones look a bit artificial from time to time. In poor lighting conditions, the Redmi Note 8 Pro combines four pixels on each sensor. The result is 16 million more light-sensitive pixels with an edge length of 1. Under moderately good lighting conditions, the photos are thus successful, but the image quality already declines noticeably at the sensitivity of ISO , which is typical for interiors.

Details appear washed-out and colors look muddier. In increasing darkness, the image quality then clearly collapses - even the dedicated night mode only brings noisy mud to the photos in nocturnal street scenes. For this price range, however, this is fine, and the large image angle itself is suitable for creative snapshots. Finally, there is a dedicated macro camera with two megapixels on board. The results aren't very detailed, but the close-up shots still invite you to play around and Shu has captured some really nice photos. But you need a steady hand and above all a lot of light.

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The megapixel main sensor delivers detailed 4K video. If you are moving, you should change the high resolution for Full-HD to activate the electronic image stabilizer. The 8-megapixel ultrawide-angle module films exclusively in Full HD, and the video quality is noticeably lower than that of the main camera, as with the photos. The Redmi Note 8 Pro is a very large smartphone, but if you look at the battery capacity, then you also know that a lot of space was taken up by the 4, mAh cell inside the smartphone.

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In everyday life, the Xiaomi was a good endurance runner. The full seven hours would have been so easy for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. You can charge the battery with 18 watts quickly. Xiaomi has put together a complete package with the Redmi Note 8 Pro, which truly is one of the new kings in the middle class. The only thing that does not suit everyone's taste is MIUI, but you can quickly get used to the software and so this little criticism of mine falls under the category "complaining at the highest level" and so I stand by my purchase recommendation for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Just brought the 8 pro.. I bought this phone based on the image resolution. It's an absolute joke. At max res, the picture is more blurry than on my previous phone, an HTC U The camera is way worse than what I expected. The screen is better the U11 has higher pixel density but it's not particularly noticeable and overall it looks nice. But the photo quality! Taking a picture of my computer screen at 1 meter, with both devices : text is blurry and not defined with the xiaomi, still sharp and clearly visible with the U I regret not buying a better phone!

Absolute disgrace, pure marketing. It is region-specific. We tested the global version and we are in Germany, and we don't get any ads. Other markets, like India, I believe do have ads in the system UI. We use cookies on our websites. Information about cookies and how you can object to the use of cookies at any time or end their use can be found in our privacy policy.

Redmi Note 8 Pro MIUI Software Update Tracker

To the AndroidPIT homepage. A true endurance runner Technical Specifications Final Verdict. Attractive price tag Anyone who knows Xiaomi and its strategy knows that the price-to-performance ratio is always in the foreground with this manufacturer. MIUI and you: how to get the most out of your Xiaomi Overall, the software has not yet arrived in Europe and adapted to the tastes in this region.

More pixels for more detail? All photos taken with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. A true endurance runner The Redmi Note 8 Pro is a very large smartphone, but if you look at the battery capacity, then you also know that a lot of space was taken up by the 4, mAh cell inside the smartphone. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro technical specifications Dimensions: One app occupies. With its intuitive and terse interface, you can master it quickly. We have hand-picked the best free recording software for you. But with the help of MIUI hidden features, you can also get rid of some pre-installed apps.

Tired of Windows 10's built-in Universal Apps that can't be removed or uninstalled from the Start Menu? Use this handy trick to erase them.

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It allows the streaming and real-time recording of your Windows desktop, music recording, and screenshot captures in brilliant HD quality and has multiple features to include webcams and microphone commentary. MIUI Screen recorder 1. It boasts gorgeous looks, breakneck speeds, and tons of handy features. Just a heads up if you migrate from another phone where screen pinning is enabled syncing device settings it will be enabled in MiUI 10 as well.

To record screencasts of applications and games as video, expensive software was still needed a few years ago. Improved Screen Recording. Mobizen Screen Recorder: Mobizen Screen Recorder is one of the hugely popular screen recording apps for Android and it offers lots of features as well. MxSpy is an Android app to record phone calls secretly and track almost all phone activities. Oasis Face is an authenticated solution for screen lock that uses biometric face recognition.

MiUi 8 is the latest version of Xiaomi released for their smartphone. MIUI official team has also stated this screen recording feature won't be compatible with other third-party apps. Learn more.

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The f ollowing are common keyboard shortcuts in many of the Microsoft apps that come with Windows With a ton of features like screen capture, screen video recorder, video editor, live stream screen, this screen recording app provides an easy way to record screen videos such as video tutorials, video calls, game videos. It is easier to take a high-quality screenshot or video of your desktop and send it than spend your time on empty talks.

Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder no root app to record and capture your mobile screen in video formats with or without front camera. This makes sense as it is designed for gaming capture.

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Old Versions Download: Bandicam 2. TinyTake is a free screen capturing and video recording solution built by MangoApps. It's not the most significant update we've ever.

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DU Recorder is a stable, high-quality screen recorder for Android that helps you record smooth and clear screen videos. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer defends its decision to include the ads saying so as to support the development of its apps. The recent apps screen has undergone a major change in MIUI Join millions of fans from all over the world and experience the joy of technology!. The MIUI 10 also. Green color dominates on them. How to block ads in MIUI without root. The app is very useful for various purpose.

However, Fraps is not a completely free app, the free version of Fraps only allows users to record 30 seconds of video and leaves a watermark. Well, almost every app as the File Manager app and the Security app for some reason aren't affected by the dark mode. One of the easiest ways to customize an iPhone is to rearrange the apps and folders on the Home screen.

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  • The stable performance is one of the reasons why audio and video professionals prefer Mac to Windows. Phone call spying is necessary one to monitor phone conversations and it can monitor all call logs. Improved the screen shaking issue when using the around mouse screen recording mode. Download the FreeConferenceCall.

    The update was also designed to fix the lock screen for facial recognition. Even Android Q is touted to have the feature, as confirmed by its first beta build. MIUI is one such commingling formula of Android and customization, which with its imperative and whizz-bang features makes the the user experience almost nonfungible in a long run.

    The commands mentioned above will remove the Camera app from Windows 10, but you can use the same steps to uninstall any Microsoft Store app. Safe to Download. Many Xiaomi smartphone users complain about an issue. Click Record again to stop and save the recording. How to Use Steps Recorder. According to xiaomi the new update will be supported by older devices also.